Our values


Our values maybe ask a lot of us in order for our Group to be successful, but it isn’t a one-way street. We are a family business with a super-supportive group of shareholders. Across generations, they have shown a proven enthusiasm for doing the right thing; being appreciative of the work our colleagues do, and reinvesting back into our businesses.

Try your hardest

Be your best in everything you do. Little things. Big things. Become an expert in your field.

Play Your Part

Take responsibility and don’t be afraid to ask a question. We want colleagues to be empowered to improve our business so challenge yourself to do so – good ideas come from everyone. Likewise, don’t turn a blind eye if something’s wrong.

Be Positive

We perform better when we’re positive. For sure, there are times when it’s tough but positivity creates a happy environment – it’s contagious, celebrates success and helps people feel excited about coming to work.


No egos here please. We believe in working together because no one person has all the answers – we welcome diversity. We want great teams. We ask our peers and colleagues, both within our businesses and across the Group, for advice and for help. And when asked ourselves, we are pleased to help.

It’s Important to care

It’s essential that you care about our business, our colleagues, our products and our customers… this is the foundation for us winning. There are many ways to show you care: going the extra mile for a colleague or customer; or being super when solving a tricky problem, or doing your level best to make sure our products are as great as they can be. However it relates to you, work out how you’ll care and do it well.

Learn from mistakes

There are bad mistakes and good mistakes. Bad mistakes are those that occur when we should know better; they sap energy, cost us time and are a hassle. We don’t like these and should aim to stop them. Good mistakes are another matter; these happen when we face tricky, unfamiliar problems and need to test and trial to find a solution. We are super comfortable with these as they’re an opportunity to show smartness, initiative and enjoy the satisfaction from solving a problem.