Great Food, Proudly Made

Our businesses source, make and deliver
great food that meets and exceeds the needs and tastes of our customers. We aim to always have a varied portfolio of great food businesses that reflect the changing times we live in, and can take us into the future. We encourage our businesses to be as different as they desire, whilst still holding true to certain values that are important to us overall. To our minds, the sum of the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the individual parts. Click on the images below to find out more about the businesses that make us, us…

People at our heart

Our brilliant colleagues play a huge role in helping us make and deliver great food. We care about our colleagues and really want them to feel part of our family business – to enjoy coming to work, to feel safe, included and valued. So we try our hardest to show everyone we care, we value them and they’re welcome in our Group.

Our Values

We are values-led and take a long-term view – this means we look after our businesses and our people. We’re in this together and we strongly believe in winning, but in the right way.

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