We’re in this together…

We are a sixth-generation family business owning five fantastic food businesses, all with different ambitions, priorities and outlooks i.e., they’re all unique. We are values-led and take a long-term view – this means we look after our businesses and our people. We’re in this together and we strongly believe in winning, but in the right way.


We aim to always have a varied portfolio of great food businesses that reflect the changing times we live in, and can take us into the future. We encourage our businesses to be as different as they desire, whilst still holding true to certain values that are important to us overall. To our minds, the sum of the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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Our values maybe ask a lot of us in order for our Group to be successful, but it isn’t a one-way street. We are a family business with a super-supportive group of shareholders. Across generations, they have shown a proven enthusiasm for doing the right thing; being appreciative of the work our colleagues do, and reinvesting back into our businesses.


Our History

From small beginnings with a grocery shop in Yorkshire in 1851, we are now a sixth-generation family business, delivering our great food to customers all over the UK.

Over the years, so much has changed and evolved. From what we sell and do to the ways we do it. But there’s one thing that remains unchanged – we’re family-owned with values at our core and we look after our people and our businesses properly. We’re in this together – for the long term – and we believe in winning the right way.

Our Chairwoman is Sonya Eastaugh and it was her great, great, great, grandfather William Jackson, who founded our business back in 1851.

Our seventh-generation shareholders are also starting to play an active part in the Group.

Better World


We believe that everything is connected. A healthier planet creates better ingredients, which create more delicious and nutritious food, and this in turn creates healthier people and communities.

We seek to improve the lives of our communities and our planet through the work we do and the way we work. We aim to source and supply the finest food and ingredients, responsibly and with care for generations. In 2021 we pledged to deliver on seven key sustainability targets to ensure we help create a more sustainable future for our planet, products and people.

Our Group Board

Our family members are still a very important  and active part of our Group today. Mark Oughtred and Patrick Mountifield are both non-exec directors on our Group Board and our business’ subsidiary boards also include family members. Trustees of our Employee Benefits Trust are family members, as are members of our Group Charity Committee. Our family members also try to attend Group events, such as our awards celebrations and sporting get-togethers – ensuring they remain connected with our businesses and our colleagues.

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