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Aunt Bessie’s introduces new Carb Swaps range

Aunt Bessie’s has launched a new Carb Swaps range in Asda this week (February 4) and Tesco next month (March 11).

New Swede Chips seasoned with Rosemary and Sea Salt and new Crinkle Cut Carrot Chips with Smoked Paprika have been added to Aunt Bessie’s firm favourites Vegetable Chips and Carrot and Swede Mash to make up the Carb Swaps range. The range helps shoppers add more veg to their diets, providing one portion of their five-a-day and a source of fibre.

Hannah Haas, our Marketing Director at Aunt Bessie’s, said: “We’re always looking to develop something new for shoppers to try and our research showed that more people are looking to add extra veg to their diets and swap out white potatoes every now and then. We were the first brand to launch frozen vegetable chips, which have had a fantastic consumer response since launch last year, and we’re excited to be offering people these new products to try.”

The Carb Swaps range includes…

Swede Chips, 500g, MRRSP £1.75.

Carrot Chips, 500g, MRRSP £1.75.

Vegetable Chips, 500g, MRRSP £2.50.

Carrot and Swede Mash, 500g, MRRSP £1.75.




Meet the Hannahs

Meet Hannah and Hannah, they both started placements at Aunt Bessie’s in September 2017 as part of our Technical Graduate Scheme. They’re doing pretty different things on their placements there though, which they’ve shared more detail on.

If what they’re doing inspires you and sounds like the type of stuff that you’d like to be doing daily, apply to our 2018 Technical Graduate Scheme – don’t worry, you don’t have to be called Hannah to apply!

Hannah Newton joined us in 2017 and this is her first placement:

 “I am currently working within the NPD team at Aunt Bessie’s. I carry out some market research with the innovation team and then look at processing new product ideas. This involves looking at our legislative requirements, Aunt Bessie’s and co-packer regulations and capabilities, working with the procurement team to source new ingredients and attending audits and factory trials. I also spend time with the technical team carrying out shelf life testing, bench marking and consistency testing to ensure our products are the best quality for our consumers. It is great fun getting hands on in the factory with trials and audits.”

Hannah Wenlock joined us in 2016 and has already completed a year’s placement at our vegetable specialist business, Myfresh:

“I am currently part of the Quality and Compliance (Technical) team at Aunt Bessie’s. Over my final year on the scheme I am working on a range of projects such as establishing supply chain mapping documentation for all raw materials used on site. This enables me to work closely with suppliers learning more about the supplier and ingredient approval process.  Whilst also completing key objectives, such as getting involved in accreditation audits, customer launches and resolving customer complaints. All this gives me a detailed over view of the technical function and helps me build skills and knowledge to progress into a career into technical management.”

A Q&A with one of our general management grads – Helen

Here’s Helen (far left) with Abel & Cole colleagues at their Christmas meal. And here’s what Helen has to say:
“I’m currently part of the acquisition team at Abel & Cole, which sits within the marketing department. I’ll spend six months here building relationships and continually looking to improve our events agencies and sales teams. This will involve reporting weekly sales to our agencies, supporting with events as well as improving the training documents that we supply to them. I will also work on projects alongside the wider marketing team, such as digital marketing and partnerships, which will allow me to gain a broader marketing experience!”

Why did you want to work in the food industry?
A love of food! This industry is a fast-paced, changing environment, always evolving and developing to fit with the market. I enjoy seeing the development of food trends and now I can do this at work!

What drew you to apply to the General Management Scheme?
The diversity of the graduate scheme. It can be quite daunting finishing university and having to decide what area you’d like to go into having not tried it before. This allows you to try different departments and different types of jobs with a company in which you’re far from just a number.

How much responsibility are you given?
It varies depending on the role. In my operations placement (my first role was in operations as an Assistant Zone Leader at MyFresh) there were times that I was given huge responsibility in terms of managing a whole department when my manager wasn’t there to oversee.

What’s it like working for WJFG?
Fun! There are always so many exciting projects and developments going on! I’ve found everyone to be very accommodating; if there’s something you want to do and it’ll help with your development and learning within your role then people will try and find a way to make it happen. It’s also so nice to have a close graduate ‘community’ in which we all help and support each other!

What has surprised you most about working for WJFG?
It’s very rare to get the exposure that we do to board directors and senior leadership teams as part of a graduate scheme.

What has been your most valuable learning so far?
That the best way to learn and get the most out of the placements is to get as involved as you can in many parts of the businesses. That way you get a better understanding of how it works and how the different departments work together.

And finally, what’s your signature dish?
Does lemon drizzle cake count?!
We’ll give you that one, Helen!

Breaking barriers by breaking bread

Abel & Cole hosted its first Refugees Welcome Dinner recently. Through the organisation Purpose (www.purpose.com/welcoming-refugees-to-dinner/), businesses and community groups are connected with refugees and asylum seekers in their local area. The concept is pretty simple. We all have to eat and sharing a meal is one of the easiest ways to break down barriers. Social isolation and poverty are two of the biggest plights for refugees and asylum seekers, so a night out to enjoy lovingly-made food makes a pretty big difference.

15 of our Abel & Cole colleagues put on their best hosting manners and our Chefs Paul, Sam and Jassy cooked up a scrumptious three course meal – fishcakes or mushroom cakes for starters, bean chilli with home-made guacamole and corn-bread for mains and mincemeat tart with date syrup for dessert.

Abel & Cole’s 25 guests came from as far as Mauritius, Congo, Malawi and Albania. We’re pretty proud of the delicious food prepared and the warm welcome provided by all of our colleagues who helped to make it a memorable evening.