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‘Edible campus’ plan at Wilberforce College to inspire youngsters to eat well

We believe a community should be a better place for having a William Jackson Food Group business in it; that’s why we’re delighted to have donated £2,000 to help kickstart Wilberforce College’s ‘Seeds of Change’ project.

The project teaches youngsters the importance of growing their own food and aims to change students’ attitudes towards eating.

Tim Blackburn, a teacher in the college’s social sciences department, said: “Getting children to start eating healthily has always been a difficult one to crack.

“We can’t force children to start eating muesli and lentil burgers overnight.

“The Seeds of Change project aims to inspire people to make healthy choices by getting them interested in food.”

The school has teamed up with Hull graffiti artist Nick Horsfield, also known as Si2, to recycle old cabinets, crates and even tyres to use as plant pots.

Teachers and students have already established the garden with chilli seeds, strawberry plants, herb planters and even pumpkins grown in tins.

Eventually the school wants to establish an “edible campus” with food growing throughout the college that will help youngsters to learn and appreciate where their food comes from.


Pictured are Wilberforce College teacher Tim Blackburn with students Laurenand Matthew.

Photo: Jerome Ellerby