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Inspiring youngsters

Our colleagues helped out at a Teen Tech event at the KC Stadium in Hull today to show students how interesting a career in the food industry can be.

Linda Chapman and Yvette Proctor, pictured, from Jackson’s Bakery ran half-hour sessions that focused on how to make bread and the science behind the process. They helped pupils understand the chemical reactions of the different ingredients in bread and how this is managed in production.

Sophie Houston from our HQ also spent the day with pupils, talking to them about careers in the food industry involving science and technology.

Yorkshire pudding on tour

Our colleagues at Aunt Bessie’s bid farewell to a giant Yorkshire pudding this morning as it set off on its Grand T’rah in honour of the Tour de France coming to the county.

For the next three days it will travel on open roads near to the official route showcasing one of Yorkshire’s finest assets – the good old Yorkshire pudding, proudly made here in Hull at Aunt Bessie’s.

Colleagues waved off the giant fibreglass model on top of a Land Rover Discovery after enjoying a French breakfast.