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WJFG opens Spanish business

The William Jackson Food Group has branched out into Europe and officially opened a Spanish business – WJFG Europe.

The Spanish team, headed up by Miguel Robles, includes Miguel Esquerdo and Cinthya Moreno and is based in the key fresh produce growing region on Murcia.

Using their fantastic relationships with their local growers, they ensure that customers of WJFG’s salad business Hazeldene and veg business Parripak can rely on a continuous supply of fresh produce when UK crop is not available.

When we can we buy locally here in the UK and a whole host of local produce passes through our warehouses. But when the seasons change our buyers look further afield for the cream of the crops our attention turns primarily to the Murcia region of Spain where Miguel and his team are busy using their expertise to match the best produce with our demanding schedules

WJFG’s strong values and keenness to ‘do the right thing’ have struck a chord with the Spanish growers who enjoy being part of our supply chain and consider themselves an extended part of the family.

Pictured are Miguel Robles, Miguel Esquerdo and Cinthya Moreno along with pepper supplier Pascual Blanco.